Katharina Schlatter

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Katharina Schlatter GmbH
All Things Content
Freilagerstrasse 73
CH-8047 Zurich
Phone: +41 76 369 05 80

I am a content specialist with a long track record of designing, planning, coordinating and producing content for the financial industry.

My education includes diplomas and certificates as a corporate publisher, translator and UX writer. This background provides a comprehensive knowledge of all things content.

My greatest strength, however, is the analysis and design of processes und projects – which is invaluable in content projects.

My projects:

  • Content strategy, implementation and production process for the content timeline of Vontobel Volt; Concept validation via A/B tests, crowd tests and surveys.
  • Building, evaluation and maintenance of a network of external resources for translation, editing, quality assurance and layout of research and investment strategy reports for Credit Suisse.
  • Planning and coordination for the client magazine Global Investor and the publication series of the Credit Suisse Research Institute.
  • Writing and editing of investment articles for Vontobel Volt.

Take your next step towards great content.